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Opinion is not just a blockchain system; it is an innovative approach that combines efficiency with sustainability. It operates under the constructive design of sustainable energy efficiency protocols while generating digital currency. It shares its profits by bringing advancement in the world of natural energy development. We invite you to invest in our coins, which we will be utilized in the stimulation of solar energy.

We have a team of highly experienced individuals, who are passionate about sustainable developments and preserving the planet’s ecology. We invite users to invest in our crypto-coins which will be later utilized for revolutionizing the blockchain energy system in an eco-friendly way while generating profit for them.

How does Opinion Energy System Works?


You Invest

We invite users to invest in our advanced modern energy integrated Cryptocurrency protocol, where we will provide you with all the advanced modules of Cryptocurrency.


We Help You Grow

We will invest your funds in our solar energy stabilization and research projects that will help us generate great profits which we will share with you.


Let's Go Green

Get a chance to become a part of something bigger. Help us sustain and utilize earth’s energy resources in an efficient way while making a profit.

How it Works?

Solar Energy is the harnessing of sun’s light and heat into efficient power, to stimulate that energy into evolving into different fractions of technologies like solar heating, solar thermal, artificial photosynthesis and photovoltaic etc. This energy can be integrated and used for fulfilling day-to-day electricity and transportation needs, reducing the consumption of earths natural resources. Replacing solar energy with the consumption of natural resources like gas, petrol, diesel etc, can help mankind in stepping towards an ecologically world. Opinion Coin incentives and promotes the development of solar energy with the help of its investors’ funds, with whom it later shares its revenue.


Instant Money Transfer

Experience high speed money transfers on our easy to use investment platform without getting tangled under any legal laws, currency exchange fee or geographical boundaries.


Users can enjoy secure investment anonymously without revealing their identity. Our networking protocol works with cryptography that generates a unique security code for each user.

Efficient Energy Promotion

Opinion Coin - is the digital currency, aimed not merely for the enrichment of cryptocurrency world, but also for saving and sustaining Earth resources while generating lots of profits .


Despite being an energy efficient system, Opinion Coin works similar to any other cryptocurrency saving system making it easier for investors to understand and operate on its interface.


Opinion coin developers have taken into consideration multiple flaws of previously existing cryptocurrency exchange modules, making its highly efficient, and user friendly, secure, and private.


Opinion coin developers have taken into consideration multiple flaws of previously existing cryptocurrency trade modules, making its highly efficient, and user friendly, secure, and private.


Opinion Coin is overwhelmed with investors’ response to its new energy efficiency initiative, which helped it in making sales of 20% of its coins. Opinion Coin is soon coming back with its coin offering to grant opportunity to ecological economy enthusiasts to generate profit while investing in a sustainable development integrated and solar energy promoting venture. So, join us in the evolution of transforming the world of blockchain investment.

We Have Succesfully Sold 20% Coins



Cost Allocation

  • 75 % Project Implementation
  • 10 % Energy Production
  • 8 % Efficient Energy Integration
  • 7 % Promotional Spectrum
  • 5 % Efficient Energy Integrations

  • Opinion Coin is a smart investment system developed with the sole purpose of transforming the world of digital currency into a more ecologically compatible interface. Our profit organization acts as a non-profit execution when it comes to the promotion of efficient energy by using its revenue collection for the production of sustainable resources of energy.
  • Opinion Coin generates its profit with the help of its investors. Opinion Coin utilizes the revenue generated from its investors in the production of solar energy.


2017 February
RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS Binding data for blockchain
Researching market
Legal Implications Determining Policies - Q2
Bringing a Specialist team of Experienced Individuals
Establishment of Development Offices

Stepping up location & Capital Investment

Design Selection & Coin Distribution


ICO Sale ICO Launch
Expanding Opinion Coin Market
Seeding round leads from private investors
ICO Sale Closed
Determining Profits,
Investing Revenues &
Maintaining Investors Data Log
ENERGY SERVICE DEVELOPMENT Opinion Coin Efficient Energy Idea was born ,
Idea Discussion &
Merging with energy efficient infrastructure
Project Launch

Solar Energy Research
Eco-friendly initiative
Launch of Solar Energy
ENERGY SERVICE DEVELOPMENT Market place planning and development ,
Resolving marketing issues worldwide &
Resolving and constructing multilingual support issues
Coin Sale
February 2018 - Q6
20% Coins Sold Solar Energy Production

Integration with Other Economically Ecological Ventures
Estimated profit generation worth Billions
Promotion of Solar Energy
Green Revolution Initiation


per year


Opinion, just like its insightful long-term vision has designed its wallet with advanced smart features that integrates simplified use, consumption and operational qualities.
If you are an energy conservationist then our wallet services are the perfect alternative for you that will allow you to enjoy Cryptocurrency trade without leaving carbon footprints or affecting the environment.
Users can download this wallet on Windows as well as Linux (32 Bit and 64 Bit).











Opinion Coin is a decentralized energy efficient coin exchange system, designed to generate revenue in order to contribute to the production of energy resources.


Opinion Coin utilizes its total profits to sponsor for production and promotion of natural energy resources.


Anyone can invest in Opinion coins by simply registering for an account on our official website. We will then send a confirmation on your registered email address with a link that can be used to verify your account and then you will be able to transfer your funds on our cryptocurrency ecosystem, while saving the planet without spending anything extra from your pocket.


Anyone can buy Opinion coins by registering on their official website and appropriating filling the information asked during the registration.


Coins which remain unsold during or after the ICO sale will be collectively integrated into the Opinion Coin ecosystem as a token which will be utilized for renewable energy generation and other network compensation.


COpinion Coin - is the digital currency, aimed not merely for the enrichment of cryptocurrency, but also for saving and sustaining the Earth resources. It means that the part of Opinion Coin income will be utilized for helping in the recovery of worldwide ecology, as well as, for the development of new energy-efficient plants.